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20 Frequently Asked Questions About Bone Broth

21 Frequently Asked Questions About Bone Broth
Written by Kelvin Omere

If you’ve never heard or had bone broth, it’s expected that you will be wondering what it is. You may even be part of the few that knows little about bone broth and really wants to know more.

All of your questions will be paid attention to, we’ve seen want you really want to know and we’ll answer the when, how, what, which, will can, why, who and where questions.

One important concern for bone broth lovers and enthusiasts is the kitchen equipment needed to make bone broth. Check out our list of recommended products.

1. Which Bone Broth Powder Is The Best?

Yes, homemade bone broth is the best but there are times when you just have to make do with a sore bought bone broth powder. Truly, every brand of bone broth powder you choose is a powerhouse of extensive benefits and nutrients. Whether for you or your pets, bone broth powder will always be a health rejuvenator and also highly nutritious.

However, since what you want to know is the best brand to buy, we’ll recommend three bone broth powders for you;

It’s an easy to use dehydrated bone with an ample presence of collagen coupled with a great taste.

Arguably one of the best bone broth powder out there. This is tested 100% free of GMOs as it is USDA Certified for using organic ingredients.

This is a beef based bone broth powder which also contains natural spice and ingredients such as sugar cane, stevia, and monk fruit

2. Which Bone Broth Is Good For Dogs?

Ask any pet owner, bone broth is fast becoming a staple for their pets. This is due to the nutrients and the health problems bone broth addresses in pets. Dogs specifically find bone broth nutritious and also serves as a health supplement. Moreso, any do regardless of age can enjoy bone broth as a snack. The standard serving of bone broth for your dog should be 1 ounce of bone broth to 10 pounds of the dogs’ weight. Let’s assume that your dog weighs 70 pounds, the serving will be 7 ounces.

If you are asking if chicken bone broth is good for your dog, yes, it is! The type of broth you’ll be serving your dog doesn’t really matter, whether its beef, chicken, or lamp, they all contain ample amounts of nutrients that will be of benefits to your dogs. If you are making a home made bone broth for your dogs, never include onions and garlic. However, if you cannot go through the stress of homemade bone broth for your dogs, there are ready made bone broth powder that are made to meet the health needs of your dogs. Let’s recommend two;

Quite a popular one among dog owners, we can’t blame them, dogs always love this bone broth powder. It’s a perfect replacement for homemade bone broth for dogs

Is you dog a picky eater? Them you just found an organic bone broth supplement they will never want to stop eating.

If you are asking how you should gibe bone broth powder to your dogs; sprinkled on top of dry food, mixed with wet food, mashed into wet food and baked into treats.

3. Which Vinegar is Good For Bone Broth?

One smart ingredient bone broth lovers never fail in adding is vinegar. Without Vinegar, you won’t be able to get all the gelatin and collagen out of the bones. If you are making bone broth and it does not get, it’s because vinegar is absent in the bone broth. Never make a bone broth without an apple cider vinegar. Some people even do a form of vinegar pre-soak before cooking the bones. It may reduce the number of hours required to make your bone broth.

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Soak cold bones in heated vinegar before cooking, with that the bone broth is expected to gel. Two tablespoon of unpasteurized apple cider vinegar is enough to bring out the nutrients in your bones. Using vinegar isn’t about the flavor but the bones ejecting all of it nutrients into the bone broth. All the collagen in the connective tissue of the bones will be released into the bone broth with the help of vinegar.

It doesn’t matter what the recipe of your bone broth looks like. Order any of these three vinegar for your next bone broth;

4. Where to Buy Bones For Bone Broth?

You already know that home made bone broth is the best. However, the question most bone broth lovers are always asking is simple; where can I get bones for home made bone broth. That’s quite an easy task. Firstly, try to locate a farmers market near you, you will be surprised at the quantity of bones they are willing to give or sell to you.

Another place you often overlook is your own kitchen, left over bones from your day to day cooking. , Another place to look for the bones is a local abattoir near you, they are also a good source of organic bones. You can also look for an orgamic farmer online, and meat departments of your local health food store.

Look for grass fed and grass finished marrow bones, knuckles, neck bones, and the feet. If you are choosing chicken, look for free range chickens and chicken feet.

5. Which Bone Broth Recipe Is Best?

There’s nothing like the best bone broth recipe. There used to be an argument among chicken and beef bone broth lovers on which they consider the best. Whichever you stick with is a factor of your choice and taste. Individually, they have different taste but the nutrients are similar.

You may be lucky to remember or find your grandmas bone broth recipe, try it out. We also did a content on Uncommon But Awesome Bone Broth Recipes which you can also check out.

6. Will Bone Broth Help You Lose Weight?

Bone broth is known for its numerous benefits, one of which is related to weight loss. You are not the only one in need of answers to whether you can lose excess weight with regular consumption of bone broth, there are also millions of people globally.

If you are one of those asking, the answer is YES! Due to the high presence of protein in bone broth, the body feels fuller for longer and also restrict calorie. Through bone broth, you will be consuming the required amount of protein but lesser calorie. This means that you will feel less urge to eat while still having the daily amount of calories needed.

Bone broth has zero carbohydrate with little calories. You won’t feel hungry even if you take only bone broth. You can describe bone broth as a complex, hearty, rich and soul satisfying supplement for both humans and animals.

7. Will Bone Broth Help Hair Growth?

Don’t be surprised if you hear someone who drink bone broth due to its immense benefits to their hair. This is quite common among the female folks, they are not wrong on this one. There is a presence of a good amount of collagen in bone broth which promote healthy and strong hair.

In Bone broth, you’ll find keratin that helps in the building of strong hair roots. All the essential amino acids necessary for healthy hair growth is present in collagen. More importantly, collagen in bone broth act as an antioxidant which fight damage which are caused by free radicals to the human hair.

In order to fight the free radicals that can damage hair, the human body needs ample amount of antioxidants. The damage caused by free radicals is actually rampant among older adults. With regular consumption of bone broth, the hair can source the needed collagen for hair growth and repair. Another issue associated with aging that may be prevented by bone broth is hair thinning,

8. Can Bone Broth Go Bad?

If it’s a store bought bone broth, it will come with a best-before. There’s always a shelf life for every product, usually between 12 to 24 months for a canned bone broth. When opened and kept in a fridge, it will stay between 4 to 5 days.

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When it comes to homemade bone broth, it will get bad faster than the store bought ones. This is due to the absence of preservatives in a home made bone broth. If you want your homemade bone broth to last longer, you will have to preserve it by freezing.

How can you know that your bone broth has gone bad? Lets start with the store bought canned bone broth, any sign of leaking, rust, or any bulging should be a pointer that it’s bad already. For homemade bone broth, through it out when it has spent 5 days in the fridge. By then, it would have done really bad.

9. Can Bone Broth Be Made in a Pressure Cooker?

Of course, you can make bone broth in a pressure cooker. It’s even faster than a slow cooker or a stock pot. There are even bone broth recipes that recommends the use of pressure cooker instead of a stockpot or a slow cooker.

The beauty of using pressure cooker for your bone broth is this, rather than what would have take 12 to 24 hours on a stock pot or slow cooker, pressure cooker will be done with your bone broth in 3 hours.

More importantly, pressure cooker gets all the nutrients out of the bones. It put it through high level heating that makes it gel and pureed to you taste. When you are in haste and cannot wait for too long, pressure cooker is best. We’ve recommended a couple of pressure cookers for bone broth.

10. Can Bone Broth Cause Cancer?

There’s actually no scientific basis for this. Only 1% of people who take bone broth regularly experience headaches, dry mouth, sneezing and other minor health issues. All of which are far from cancer or are symptoms related to cancer.

11. Can Bone Broth Be a Meal Replacement?

It’s already a meal replacement in many homes. There are many bone broth based diets where it serves as a meal replacement. Many do not know how to take bone broth, there are four major ways of consuming bone broth;

Firstly, you can drink it as a beverage. You will need a good thermos for this, check out our recommendations here. You can also use bone broth in cooking your grains, rather than using plain water. There are also people who use bone broth in making soup. More line a bone broth based soup.

12. How Does Bone Broth Heal Leaky Guts?

If there’s anything that works magically in healing intestinal permeability, bone broth will be at the top. Those suffering from leaky gut will find it easier to digest the bone broth while absorbing the protein benefits. Due to the consoling, calming and restorative nature of bone broth, the gut will quickly heal.

Aside leaky gut, bone broth also helps in healing other conditions associated such as allergies, constipation, diarrhea, food intolerance, fatigue, eczema, psoriasis, rosacea and other numerous conditions. While bone broth also helps to control you stress level which also affect your guts.

Bone broth provides the building blocks of the cells in the guts lining. More importantly, it also creates a soothing effect on the gut. Regardless of the absence of concrete research, bone broth is therapeutic and restorative enough to help heal guts.

13. How Much Bone Broth Should I drink Daily?

Bone broth is fast becoming a popular staple among people with a concern for good health. If you meet any bone broth lover and enthusiast, they will give you their own recommended dose of bone broth daily. For every issue you are targeting with bone broth, there is like a dosage of bone broth you should consume.

For example, if you looking at losing weight, 2 to 6 cups of bone broth divided between meals is not bad. For gut healing, you should take not less than 2 cups of bone broth daily. If you are concerned about your skin, hair and nails, 2 to 4 cups of bone broth is a recommended dosage.

If you are experiencing joint pain, take between 2 to 4 cups of bone broth daily. Overall, regardless of what health issue you are going through, 2 cups of bone broth is a good amount to clean your system of any impediments.

14. How Does Bone Broth Taste?

Bone broth has a playful taste, one you will find tasty and not bland. It’s all a factor of the spices, bones, herbs, and vegetables included in the bone broth. There are scores of bone broth recipes, that means you cannot have a similar taste in all of your bone broth.

The taste of bone broth could also be different depending on whether you use a stock pot, pressure cooker or slow cooker in making the bone broth. You can control the bland taste of your bone broth by roasting the bones before cooking. So also, you can control the seasoning and spices used in the bone broth.

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Another option is to try out store bought bone broth, they always come in multiple flavours. Let’s recommend a few we’ve tried out and think are awesome;

15. Who Should Drink Bone Broth?

The thing is everyone is drinking bone broth regardless of age, creed or colour. Since everyone is talking about bone broth, majority are also joining the new health trend. Drinking bone broth isn’t meant for a specific age bracket or income class, it’s recommended for both young and old.

As a pregnant woman, bone broth is also recommended in the early days. Even in pregnant dogs, bone broth is recommended. While pregnant, there will be days when you are unable to eat, bone broth would be a good option on such days. Ensure you are making and taking bone broth from grass-fed bones. You will be able to sap out the magnesium, calcium and potassium needed for the growing baby.

In older adults with likelihood of suffering from joint pain and arthritis, bone broth should also be part of their diet. In growing children, this will aid digestion and give them strong bones and muscles.

16. Why Bone Broth Doesn’t Gel?

The beauty of bone broth is best captured when it gels. Let’s start with what leads to the jellying of bone broth. It’s simple, collagen which is found in the connective tissues of the bones is well broken down as a result of prolonged exposure to heat. That’s why immediately the bone broth cools, the protein forms a bouncy gelatin.

There are not less than 5 reasons why your bone broth wouldn’t gel. Firstly, look at the amount of water used in comparison to the bones and other ingredients. The water must not be two to three inches above the bones. Another reason why your bone broth wouldn’t gel is the quality of bones used. If you use other bones outside of pasture raised bones, your broth wouldn’t gel.

Again, your bone broth wouldn’t gel if the broth doesn’t fart for long. Let the bone broth simmer for between  1hour to 48 hours depending on the thickness and hardness of the bones. If your bone broth wouldn’t gel, introduce a powdered gelatin, we recommend this brand;

If you introduce this powdered gelatin into your bone broth, you’ll see it settling into a gel immediately. This is made naturally, pesticide and hormone free.

It’s not your fault if the bone broth does not gel, it’s however your fault if you cannot introduce this powder into it.

If any of these three doesn’t appeal to you, this last option will fit the bill. It’s pure, natural and hormone free.

17. When Not To Take Bone Broth?

There isn’t any time you cannot drink bone broth. It doesn’t matter the time of the day or season, bone broth works for all times. On a cold winter morning, a warm bone broth would do a lot of magic, just try it out.

18. Are Bone Broth and Stock The Same?

Bone broth is essentially stock but a better stock due to the ample amount of gelatin in bone broth. The difference between bone broth and stock lies in the cooking time, ingredients and the presence (or lack) of seasoning. You will not cook stock for more than 2 to 6 hours on the stovetop, but stock is cooked for not less than 12 hours t0 48 hours.

There is broth, stock and bone broth. Bone broth is a gap between broth and stock. What matters is the bones used and how long bones are cooked. While there are ready made store bought stock, there are also store-bought bone broth. You should also know that both stock and bone broth can be a base for other food recipes.

19. Is Bone Broth Good For Cats?

Just as it is good for dogs, it’s also a perfect supplement meal for cats. Usually, cats don’t think enough water which makes bone broth a good way of getting enough liquid into their body. Cats find it hard to chew poultry products but when simmered into bone broth, you’ll be providing them the needed nutrients into their body.

The benefits of bone broth to humans is just like that to cats. The rich mineral presence in bone broth is quite good for older cats who are susceptible to joint problems. There’s no definite amount of bone broth that you can feed your bone broth. Some cats will love it while some wouldn’t.

The bigger the cat, the more the amount of bone broth you should feed your cat.

20. Which Bone Broth is Best For Keto?

Bone broth is quite good for everyone especially when on the keto diet. Bone broth is a valuable addition to the keto diet. Present in bone broth is electrolytes that can eliminate the keto flu. In bone broth, you’ll find magnesium, potassium, calcium and sodium which are four important electrolytes.

Since keto diet is all about keeping your carbs in check, and bone broth is quite low in carbs, it makes it the right choice of food for someone on a keto diet. Bone broth will also improve your sleep quality while on a keto diet. You are likely to sleep well while on a bone broth diet.

21. How is Bone Broth Made?

There are numerous approach to making bone broth. There are also wide range of bone broth recipes which will determine how bone broth is made. Check our comprehensive guide on how you can make different bone broth soup recipes.  

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