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5 Easy Tips For Making Bone Broth at Home

how to make bone broth at home
Written by Kelvin Omere

You must have heard of the incredible benefits packed into bone broth. Let’s assume you are not a fan of ready-made food and you need your homemade bone broth. If that’s the scenario, you have right in your hands the power to make a delicious and beneficial bone broth, all for yourself and your family.

Let’s do a simple run-through of the benefits of a bone broth; you’ll sleep better at night, combats inflammation, strengthens the digestive system, aids joints and muscular health, just a few of what regular bone broth consumption could do to your health. What you don’t know is that; there are incredible known and unknown benefits of adding this inexpensive supplement to your diet.

Bone broth isn’t new; you may have had some from your Grandma unknowingly. Today, all over the world there are still societies who would never do without the cheap but highly nutritious bone broth. It’s not just about the past; bone broth still holds an important place in the heart of many people. Check the kitchen of any 5-Star hotel around the world; there’s always be a large simmering pot of bone broth.

For any fan of bone broth who haven’t made bone broth right out of their kitchen, you are missing out on a whole lot. The brand of the bone broth you are buying from a store doesn’t matter; a homemade bone broth is always better in taste, nutrients, and flavor. Nothing can beat a homemade bone broth on your family dining table; it’s a powerful health tonic that costs next to nothing.

Why will you go through the stress of making a homemade bone broth when you can just walk into any corner store and pick any of the brands on display? The answer is simple;

•    The nutrient-packed into your homemade bone broth outweighs what you can get out of any already made bone broth.

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•    The homemade bone broth comes easy and inexpensive despite the richness of the nutrients.

•    You have the creative freedom of deciding how you want your homemade bone broth to taste and feel.

•    Store-bought bone broth usually contains chemicals such as MSG which affect the nutrient composition of the bone broth.

•    You can decide to try out more than one type of bone broth or a bone broth combo.

That’s enough reasons for anyone to dump the ready to cook the bone broth and go homemade. Since you are convinced that homemade bone broth benefits outweigh whatever you can get from the ready-made ones, let’s start by looking at the tips to make a Five-Star homemade bone broth;

1. Use a Slow Cooker

You shouldn’t burn down the house all in the cause of making a homemade bone broth. It doesn’t come easy boiling the same thing in a pot for close or more than 24 hours depending on the animal bone you are using.

A slow cooker in making your homemade bone broth is what we recommend. Get a crockpot; it’s the number one kitchen item needed to make a homemade bone broth. Without a crockpot, making bone broth is nothing but a hassle.

Using a slow cooker isn’t just about the long length of cooking but also getting the best out of your bone broth. By being heated slowly, the collagen is well protected and preserved. With a slow cooker, you can be sure you’ll have a gel formed as your bone broth.

2. Never Stop Adding Bones

That’s the beauty of using a slow cooker; you can keep adding more bones up until the last few hours. The thing is; the more bones you add, the better. Even if your crockpot is filled to the brim with bones, don’t be bothered, you’ll get a pot full of nutrients.

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Whenever you are in doubt when making your homemade bone broth, add a few more bones. If you plan on making a homemade bone broth soon, start gathering all the bones from your beef, turkey, lamb or chicken into a resealable bag and keep in one side of your freezer.

Before the D-Day, you would have gathered enough bones enough for your bone broth. You can separate the bones according to animal or put all together. By having all together, the bone broth will cook for as long as 36 hours when the strongest bone would have formed into a gel.

3. Use Quality Bones

The secret to getting adequate nutrients from your bone broth is using the right bones. You’ll be drinking just soup if you are using bones from animals that are fed and reared on genetically modified foods.

Factory farmed animals are the best nutritious bones you can use for a bone broth. They are usually highly deficient in all the nutrients you are hoping to get from their bones. They are fed with foods that make them grow faster to get meats from them more quickly.

They are usually lacking in the collagen that leads to your bone broth forming into a gel. The best place to get the right bones is your kitchen, from leftovers. Other places include;

•    Find a local butcher, look out for one that butchers an entire animal.

•    The farmer’s market around you, especially those who rear grass-fed animals.

•    If it’s fish, wild-caught fish from local fishers is also a good choice.

•    Request for bones along with your meat orders from local butchery.

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4. It’s All About The Bones and Animal

Look through the last tip, the quality of your bone broth is determined by the animal. That’s why we only recommend, naturally fed animals as your source of bones. Even though it’s hard work, it’s better to source for grass-fed animals. A mixture of bones seems to be the most logical manner of squeezing as many nutrients from the bones.

If you can’t stand the taste of either beef or chicken bone broth alone, mix it all up. You can also source for chicken carcasses, they are dirt cheap and a good source of nutrients. Another excellent bone is bone marrow, another affordable option which is filled with nutrients.

Ask for the hip bone; it may come free along with the bone marrow. Check around the grocery stores; you may be lucky to find a bag of chicken bones ready to be disposed of. Ask for it!

5. Chill, Let it Chill and Gel

This is going to be the last tip for apparent reasons. You must have gotten it right with every other advice, but allowing it to chill and gel is where many get it wrong. Of course, you are in haste to have a feel of the awesome bone broth you made, why not allow it chill for a while!

Just leave it for some hours or even overnight and you’ll see the bone broth forming into a gel. That’s the beauty of your bone broth — that period when it goes from liquid to semi-solid.

Final Words.

There you have it, all that it takes to make an excellent bone broth right from your kitchen using your own sourced bones. Nothing can compete with a bone broth that comes right out of your kitchen.

Do you know how we all love homemade foods? That’s how important homemade bone broths are also. Fully packed with all the essential nutrients, you seek out of a bone broth, without any lost by chance.

If you’ve tried making homemade bone broth, then let’s know how it ranked compared to store-bought bone broth.

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