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Does Bone Broth Really Work For Weight Loss?

Written by Kelvin Omere

Does it come as a surprise that about half of the American population claimed they are trying to lose weight? The need to lose weight is on a constant rise, health experts now see obesity as an epidemic. The issue of obesity isn’t an American issue alone,, 34% and 27% of the Canadian population are overweight and obese respectively.  With the new trend for healthy living, everyone wants to lose even down to that last shred of unhealthy fat. Losing weight is not as easy as it seems. The struggle of losing weight is high, and so are the number of people trying to lose weight. People will try lots of things in the bid to find the easiest and fastest ways to go down a pant size or two.

To lose weight, there is a conventional “exercise to lose weight.” It is no surprise that not everyone is cut out for the high cardio work-out out, so they are left with another problematic way to shed weight; dieting. A million and one people are trying to lose some pounds through dieting, but not all have been successful. This could be due to following the wrong diet plans or dieting in the wrong way. About 80% of people trying to lose weight have said that they employed the exercise and diet plans but never got results, although some weight loss issues could be more of a medical problem than poor diet choices.

A lot of people have adopted different diet plans, most of which they see online. It can be pretty frustrating when you see an ad online about losing weight in a few weeks by taking a particular “portion,” and it just doesn’t work for you. One of the online solutions to losing weight has been the bone broth. If you’re thinking of trying out the bone broth to lose weight, this article can help you shed more light on why you should or shouldn’t go with a bone broth diet plan.

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What are the Health Benefits of Bone Broth?

In some parts of the world, bone broth is an essential component of family diets or meals. This is as a result of its obvious health benefits. Bone broth has been known to have a high collagen content which supports joints, improves hair growth, strengthens nails, muscles and tissue regeneration and improves the skin. Lots of discoveries have pointed to the fact that bone broth has excellent anti-aging effects. As stated earlier, bone broth is rich in calcium, magnesium, and phosphorus which aids the development of robust and healthier bones and teeth. 

Bone broth has also shown immense benefits regarding improved digestion, allergies, immunity and brain health. Its anti-inflammatory properties are plausible, especially for overweight people. Being overweight, certain complications come with it, some of which are related to inflammation. Muscular Inflammation like plantar fasciitis, last for years if not taken care of. The anti-inflammatory properties of the bone broth can rid you of swellings that could be quite uncomfortable.

Most important and relevant to this article is the ability of bone broth to improve connective tissues in the body. The implication of this is the reduction of cellulite in the body leading to weight loss.

Does Bone Broth Help Shed Weight?

Due to the bone broth benefit, it is not mandatory to take bone broth only when trying to lose weight. If you are one for healthy living with or without shedding some weight, you can incorporate a bone broth diet plan for you and your family. For overweight or obese patients who want to rid themselves of the risk of diabetes, heart disease or sleep insomnia, using bone broth to lose weight is a viable option.

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Nutritionists advice on using bone broth to lose weight. They recommend it as a component of your weight loss diet because of its relatively low-calorie status. There are about 86 calories in 8 servings of bone broth made with chicken bones. With its low calories, it is fully satisfying. This is the secret formulae to the weight loss dilemma. You get to eat as much as you want while gaining little calories. Bone broth not only gives you satisfaction with low-calorie gain, but it also helps in the body detox process. Talk about the holy grail of weight loss solutions!

Some weight loss patients have complained about adhering strictly to their diet plans. This is no surprise because not everybody has the physical capacity to wait for the long fasting period of some diet plans. Some patients experience blurred visions, headaches, fatigue and some have experiences where their hands and legs shake. The bone broth diet plan is beneficial for people like this because they get to eat to their fill and still lose weight.

Poor digestive health in people is another factor that contributes to poor eating habits in people. In some people, this eventually leads to weight gain. The bone broth helps to improve the ability of your body to digest food. Good eating habits can help you lose weight so bone broth, directly and indirectly, helps in weight loss.

To answer the question, Yes bone broth does really help in losing weight. Healthy and organic bone broth are preferable to the ones made from other sources. When using bone broth, ensure that it is made with nutritious ingredients to get the right results. It is an inexpensive and functional weight loss solution.

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Final Words…

If you want to know if you should go ahead with a bone broth diet plan, the answer would be, Yes. There is a very high probability of losing weight with the infusion of bone broth in your diet. Nutritionists and weight loss specialists have also certified it functional in the weight loss process. After knowing about the bone broth benefit to losing weight from this article, it is a complete go-ahead signal. Even if your main aim is not to use bone broth to lose weight, you are sure to get huge health benefits from incorporating bone broth to your daily diet plan.

Bone broth works for weight loss. When combined with other weight loss strategies such as intermittent fasting and physical exercise, the results are even more obvious. No one knows the average weight loss of bone broth diet, but it actually works.

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