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Why Bone Broth For Dogs is a Great Idea

Bone Broth for dog
Written by Kelvin Omere

Bone broth for dogs? Yes, your dogs and other pet will be lucky to have you if you include bone broth in their diet.

Bone broth is a powerhouse, one filled with health-boosting nutrients. As nutritious as bone broths are, they are not meant for just humans. Your fluffy pets also have a lot to gain from bone broth.

Your mother knew what she was doing by giving you bone broth whenever you are sick.

Today, bone broth has become a craze du jour, it has crept into our everyday staple food. It’s no one fault actually if they can’t do without bone broth, that’s how nutritious it could be.

Bone broth for dogs is a health tonic, one that protects young dogs from diseases and protects the older ones from age-related problems.

Bone broth will be a great addition to your pet diet right now, being a superfood among humans.

Bone Broth Recipes For Dogs

Bone broth for dogs is fast gaining acceptance among pet owners. The dilemma, however, is knowing the right bone broth for dog recipes.

You cannot be giving your dog or cat the same taste of bone broth all the time, they will soon find it boring. Pets also love varieties and this is why you should consider including the following bone broth recipes in the diet of your pets.

1. Mushroom Bone Broth For Dogs Recipe

Are mushrooms not poisonous to dogs? Not all, you just have to be able to identify the poisonous mushrooms and keep your dogs away from it.

The particular mushrooms to be used in this recipe is considered medicinal for dogs. Walk into any reputable grocery store and look for either of these mushrooms;

  • Shiitake
  • White Button
  • Cremini and Portobello
  • Porcini
  • Turkey Tail
  • Maitake

Either of these medicinal mushrooms contains vitamins, antibacterial, antiviral and anti-tumor properties. They are also good sources of niacin, potassium, zinc, iron, copper, manganese, selenium and even cancer fighting properties.

It’s a win-win for you and your dog, getting the best out of mushrooms and bone broth for dogs.


  • Varieties of mushrooms
  • Raw Apple Cider Vinegar
  • Cloves of Fresh Garlic
  • Marrow bones, turkey legs, emu bones, duck feet, and chicken bones
  • Turmeric paste or powder

How To Make Mushroom Bone Broth For Dogs

  • Get your pressure cooker or slow cooker ready; empty the bones, garlic, raw apple cider vinegar, and water into it.
  • Set your slow cooker to 20 to 24 hours. If it’s a pressure cooker, set it to 4 to 5 hours.
  • Add the mushrooms, turmeric paste or powder 10 minutes to the end of the set time.
  • When the bone broth for dogs is totally cooled, pick out the bones. Better to use your fingers.
  • Serve your dog immediately or store in a freezer using a freezer-safe container.

2. Fiskesuppe Bone Broth For Dogs Recipe

If you have a Norwegian heritage or know someone that does, a Fiskesuppe won’t be strange to them. What could be strange is that this is an ideal bone broth soup for dogs

The combination of Fiskesuppe in it creamy and light state goes really well with lemon and dill.

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That’s not our concern for now, it’s how this could change tremendously the taste buds of your dogs and other pets.

The Fiskesuppe is one of the best bone broth for dogs recipe. One your dogs will always crave for in cold weather.


Ensure all the ingredients to be used are as organic as possible

  • Fish bones; head and tail bones
  • Bay leaf
  • Filtered water
  • Sea salt to taste
  • Herbs

How To Make Fiskesuppe Bone Broth For Dogs

  • Empty all the ingredients in a large stockpot and bring to a boil. Let it simmer for another one hour with the heat set to low.
  • Remove the pot from the stovetop. Look for a fine sieve or preferably a cheesecloth and strain out the bones.
  • Once you have your broth in a container, you can add vegetables e.g carrot, celery, parsnips, fennel, etc. You can also include potatoes.
  • Your Fiskesuppe bone broth for dogs is ready to be served or stored.

3. Longevity Bone Broth For Dogs Recipe

Extending the life of your dogs is quite possible, only if you feed them foods that contain the right nutrients.

One such diet is the longevity broth. An anti-aging diet for dogs and other pets.

Of course, bone broth is a longevity elixir on its own, but adding the herbs takes it to a whole new level. They are simply longevity supporting ingredients.

Feed this bone broth to your dogs at least four times a week and you’ll see the difference in the health of your dogs.


  • Crushed Bones
  • Filtered water
  • Fresh Ginger
  • Turmeric root
  • Fresh lemongrass
  • Dried Astralagus root slices

How To Make Longevity Bone Broth For Dogs

  • You will be visiting any organic butcher close to you. Gather all the bones you can find, then crush them using a mallet or a hammer.
  • Pour the crushed bones into a sauce pot along with the fresh ginger, turmeric roots, fresh lemon grass, and dried astralagus root slices. Ensure the filtered water covers the crushed bones and other ingredients.
  • Bring to a boil and allow to simmer for the next one hour on low heat.
  • Allow to cool and sieve, then you can serve the longevity bone broth for dogs.

4. Pig Feet and Beef Marrow Bone Broth For Dogs Recipe

A rare combination, right? It doesn’t matter actually. What matter is what your dogs stand to gain from this combination.

Start gathering all your carnage, you’ll make something beautiful out of it for your dog.

With this bone broth, you are not just doing your dog a favor, but saving yourself a whole lot of stress that comes with an aging dog. Which means lesser visits to the vet clinic during your dog’s old age.

We are talking about a good source of glucosamine and chondroitin. Both of these are helping in preventing usual arthritis that comes with old age.


  • Raw pigs feet
  • Beef marrow bones
  • Olive Oil
  • Carrot
  • Celery Stalks
  • Apple Cider Vinegar
  • Roughly chopped Parsley
  • Water

How To Make Pig Feet and Beef Marrow Bone Broth For Dogs

  • Get a stockpot or a crockpot, either will work. Pour in the raw pig feet and beef bones marrow and water. Allow the water to cover the bones.
  • Add in the raw apple cider to draw out all the minerals and nutrients from the bones. Add all the other ingredients at this point.
  • Set the crockpot to low and allow it to cook for 24 hours. You can cook it for as long as 72 hours.
  • Keep an eye on the bone broth at all times, add water when need be. Ensure water covers the bones at all times.
  • Your bone broth for dogs is ready to be served.

5. Turkey and Kale Bone Broth For Dogs Recipe

This will eventually be your dogs’ favorite. Be calm, we understand your dog may have a sensitive stomach, this will soothe the pain.

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Specifically, this bone broth for dog recipe will increase the appetite of your dog. Whenever your dog is less active, include this in his diet to boost his immune system.

If your aim is to help your dog transition to a new food, bone broth also makes this easier. It prepares the stomach of your dog for the new diet.


  • Turkey bones
  • Kale
  • Parsley
  • Oregano
  • Yellow Squash
  • Zucchini
  • Minced Garlic
  • Apple Cider Vinegar, or Lemon Juice.

How To Make Turkey and Kale Bone Broth For Dogs Recipe

  • Place all the ingredients in a crockpot, fully immersed in water. Add a little of apple cider vinegar or lemon juice to act as a solvent.
  • Cook for between 20 to 24hours.
  • Allow to cook and remove the bones.
  • Your bone broth for dogs is ready to be served or stores.

Important Bone Broth Additions For Dogs

In making bone broth for dogs, there are certain ingredients that are expected to be part of the broth. This will help get the best out of bone broth into your dog’s body. We’ve identified five additions, ensure not less than three is part of the ingredients for your bone broth for dogs.

1. Garlic

Let’s start with something considered controversial among dog owners and lovers.

To many, garlic can kill or harm dogs. What they do not know is this; it will take a whole container of spilled garlic or two whole cloves of garlic to develop that level of toxicity that can harm a dog.

This is simple, there is an amount of garlic that dogs should be exposed to. Garlic possesses quite an ample deposit of nutritional and mineral properties that can benefit dogs.

Starting with the antimicrobial properties, zinc, potassium, manganese, iron, copper and many more.

For older dogs, this can stabilize their blood pressure and help their immune system withstand the effects of old age.  

If you can, always ensure a little amount of garlic is present in the bone broth for your dogs.

2. Kombu Kelp

You are definitely not going to be surprised if you’ve been keeping dogs for a while.

Being the largest of sea vegetables, kombu kelp is a meaty high protein seaweed that supports the functioning of the liver, kidney and stomach. Dogs are not exempted from these immense benefits.

In Kombu Kelp, you will find carotenes, vitamin B, iodine, potassium, silica, zinc, magnesium and many other bodybuilding vitamins. For the benefits of dogs are the complex polysaccharides; glutamine and fucoidan.

To use Kombu Kelp in your bone broth recipes for dogs, soak dried ones in water until it’s soft, then cut into pieces, up to ½ or 1 cup, which you can add to the bone broth for dogs.

3. Turmeric

The fame of the healing effects of turmeric dates back as far as 250BC. This is an ancient herb that transverse continents, civilization and cultures.

In the Sanskrit medical treatise, it was noted for its power to heal humans and animals of poisons. This is why it is mostly used in Ayurvedic and Unami medical systems for healing.

Turmeric belongs to the ginger family.

It is essentially a disease-fighting herb due to the presence of curcumin which is antioxidant considered even to be more powerful than vitamin E.

When regularly consumed, Turmeric helps to protect the body by neutralizing free radicals.

4. Shiitake Mushrooms

This is famously known for its properties of longevity.

If your aim is to give your dogs a long and healthy life, include shiitake mushrooms in their diet. It’s a decision you will never regret.

Shiitake mushrooms date as far as over 1000 years and just like the turmeric is traceable to Asia. The most active agent in shiitake mushrooms is the letinan which fights infections and supports the immune system.

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They also possess anti-cancer elements also. With shiitake mushrooms in the bone broth for dogs recipe, the aim is always longevity and improved health.

5. Parsley

Majorly, Parsley is popular for its effects on the digestive system. The kidney and the urinary tract system ailments are also not exempted.

Parsley contains pro-vitamin A, vitamin C, iron, chlorophyll, magnesium and calcium.

For both young and old dogs, the presence of parsley in their bone broth diet will help to modulate their immune system. Further strengthening their blood vessels and majorly beating inflammation.

Bone Broth Serving Ideas For Dogs

Adding bone broth to your dog’s diet might be tricky. You may be wondering how this can be included in your dog’s diet or how to serve this to your dogs. There are three major ways that you can adopt in serving bone broth for dogs;

  • Serve Bone Broth As It Is.

If you have never fed your dog with bone broth ever, this could be the ideal way to start. This will allow you to monitor how your dog reacts to this new diet. If you’ve been freezing the bone broth, place it in the fridge and defrost the bone broth.

Serve the bone broth into the bowl of your dog and watch as your dog eats away. You will see your dog becoming happy and healthy.

  • Serve as Broth Cube

This is where you pump out your creativity. It’s a fun way of serving bone broth to your dog or pup. Refreezing defrosted bone broth into ice cubes. This is best served on hot summer afternoons, you’ll help to calm your dog body suing broth cubes.

You are scoring two goals with one ball. You will be keeping your dog hydrated and also feeding their body the needed nutrients to stay healthy.

This is quite easy to do; defrost your freeze broth and pour into ice cube trays.

  • Serve Bone Broth As A Topper

This should only be tried if your dog is already introduced to a bone broth for dogs’ diet. By adding bone broth to the regular meal of your dog, it will help them process the broth as normal.

This can be added to kibble or other dry food, this will help to aid digestion and keep them tremendously hydrated. By adding the bone broth to kibble, it will boost gut and joint support system.

Precaution and Side Effects of Bone Broth For Dogs

Should you be aware of any side effects of bone broth for dogs? Interestingly, there is none. Bone broth for dogs is safe. What you should pay attention to is that there could be some ingredients in the bone broth recipes that your dog will react negatively to.

One concern is the excessive consumption of amino acids in the bone broth and little of other needed nutrients. Just like human health, moderation and variation are needed for your dog’s health. Try to vary the ingredients used in the preparation of bone broth for dogs, that’s why there are recipes that could be followed.

There’s this risk of contamination by bacteria or lead, this can lead to bone-related problems that could lead to further problems if left untreated. Maybe you should consult your vet doc before introducing any bone broth recipe to your dog.

To combat these challenges, always settle for homemade bone broth for dogs. Stick with bones from trustworthy organic butchers. Making your broth for the dog using pressure cooker and cooking for 24 hours can also limit the chances of bacteria in the bone broth.

More importantly, know the allergies of your dog in order to avoid ingredients with traces of such allergies.

Final Words on Bone Broth For Dogs

The beneficial effects of bone broth on dogs is not a secret. Bone broth is an inexpensive, hydrating and nutrient-dense supplement for dogs. To get the most out of your bone broth for dogs, use organic, grass-fed, and human-grade bones.

If you think your dog needs essential nutrients, has joint pain, and digestion issues, you need to consider bone broth for dogs.

Are you feeding your dog’s bone broths already? Let’s know the results.

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